Parameter out of range error using PDF Alchemist library

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leleparag asked 1 year ago

Parameters* params = new Parameters();
params->disableAcroform = false;
params->enableAcroformReflow = false;
params->enableBookmarks = true;
params->enableCaptions = false;
params->enableInfographicDetection = true;
params->enableLayoutDirectionDetection = true;
params->enableLogging = true;
params->enableXmlOutput = false;
//params->fontDirectoryPath = false;
params->mergeSpan = false;
params->removeHyphen = false;
params->removeInvisibleText = false;
params->singleFile = false;
params->skipHeaderFooter = true;
params->skipPageBackground = 0;
params->splitByBookmarkDepth = 0;
params->splitByEveryNumberOfPages = 0;
params->tablesOnly = false;
params->useAccurateGlyphBox = true;
params->usePdfEmbeddedFont = true;
params->singleFile = true;
float confidenceScore;
confidenceScore = true;
const char* outputDir = “D:\\test\\PDFAlchemistTest\\PDFAlchemistTest\\Debug\\output2”;
Result res = processPdf(“D:\\test\\PDFAlchemistTest\\PDFAlchemistTest\\Debug\\Moby_Dick.pdf”, outputDir, params, &confidenceScore);
I am getting kParametersOutOfRange error in the res variable,
Please let me know what is the issue?

1 Answers
Datalogics Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi leleprag,

We are currently looking into this on our side. Can you please tell me if uncommenting ‘params->fontDirectoryPath = false;’ lets this work as expected with the newer version?

Datalogics Support

Datalogics Support replied 1 year ago

No even if I incomment fontDirectory path it gave same issue.
Then I tried
params->graphicsOutputDpi = 200;

It started giving the issue as mentioned in

So there seems to be some issue with the library not able to handle input params properly.
Please look into it.

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