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Maik asked 2 years ago

Hello Support-Forum,

I want to convert a PDF into a TIFF-File by using the JPG Compression and set the Quality to 50 %. This seems not to be possible. I get an Error-Message which tell me:

PDF2IMG Pro : 3.3.0
Copyright 2002-2019, Datalogics, Inc. All Rights Reserved
ERROR: ‘-jpegquality’ is not used for conversion to TIF
Enter ‘pdf2img -help’ for usage information.
Error code 1008

So how can i change the Quality for TIF(JPG) conversion ?

Here is my commandline (using Powershell):
pdf2img.exe -compression=jpg -jpegquality=50 -resolution=200 -multipage -output=”$destinationsDatei” $sourcefile.FullName TIF

Best Regards
Maik Bergmann

1 Answers
Datalogics Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Maik,

Thank you for taking the time to try out PDF2IMG. We really appreciate it!

Currently, it looks like PDF2IMG doesn’t support the -jpegquality parameter with conversion to TIF. It only works currently with the conversion to JPEG. It is currently hard coded in the source with a specific value when converting to TIF. I can definitely see the utility in setting this option freely, however!

I will enter an enhancement request with our development team to get this option added with TIF conversion!

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