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Paul asked 2 years ago

There are many span style tags in the CSS under which the text seems completely invisible irrespective of trying different visual optimization with -purpose parameter.
PDFALchemist 2.3.4

This is happening to the text which appeared in white in the original PDF document.

From October to January, I have tested PDFAlchemist with earlier version in Windows (I guess 2.1.10 before OCR option got added), it produced much different HTML outputs (better) than 2.3.4.  The previous versions had an additional CSS tag “.layout_style ” which took care of the background colors for such text, and replicated how it was in the original PDF, but in version 2.3.4, we are unable to produce this tag after playing with all the given parameters keepBackground, purpose etc.

Datalogics Staff replied 2 years ago

Can you shows us a sample of the old CSS using the “.layout_style” tag ?

Paul replied 2 years ago

If you share your email id, I can send you both the sample conversions (using 2.3.4 and 2.1.1) and the original PDF file.

1 Answers
Datalogics Staff answered 2 years ago

When I test using no parameters the “.layout_style” tags are generated but appear to have no effect on the output. This appears to be a regression issue thank you for bringing it to our attention.

Paul replied 2 years ago

This is still an issue in 2.3.5.
ran with the following parameters.
2.3.5/PDF-Alchemist-Pro/PDFAlchemist temp.pdf /tmp/dest/ -singleFile true -htmlLinkStyleUnspecified false -keepHeaderFooter true -keepBackground true

These elements in the HTML were invisible (they have span class “style5”)


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