PDFAlchemist: No differences in visual styles, balanced or indexing.

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Paul asked 2 years ago

The parameter -purpose (meant for optimizing the HTML conversion for visual / indexing) is producing exactly the same output HTML.
PDFAlchemist version 2.3.4

From October to January, I have tested PDFAlchemist with earlier version in Windows, it produced much different HTML outputs (better) than 2.3.4.

Datalogics Staff replied 2 years ago

What type of content had better output with the earlier versions? Tables, column data, text flowing around images?

Paul replied 2 years ago

Well, overall text flowing around images.
And, the parameter -purpose worked (with all indexing, balanced and visual), however, changing the values for this parameter has no effect in 2.3.4.

https://storedevelop.wpengine.com/question/pdfalchemist-issues-in-css-tags/ is related.


1 Answers
Datalogics Staff answered 2 years ago

You should only expect to see a difference in the output when using  -purpose  indexing vs balanced if the balanced option happens to rasterize a portion of the document.  Balanced is allowed to rasterize more content than indexing is, to allow for better visual at the cost of content extraction.  So depending on the document processed there could be no differences in visual style.
Differences in HTML output when using the same parameter with different versions of PDFAlchemist could be a bug.   It would be helpful to know what parameters were used and what the prior version number was.

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