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Corey Staff asked 2 years ago

How do I set up PDF2PRINT to use obscure printer commands?

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Corey Staff answered 2 years ago

You can use standard print options with PDF2PRINT, like printing two side, selecting the number of collated copies you want to print, or printing only odd or even pages in a document.

But what if you want to print a document with PDF2PRINT but use some more exotic printer options with the job that PDF2PRINT does not provide? What if you want to print a job on #10 business envelopes, or print four pages of each document on a single sheet of paper, or adjust the brightness or saturation of colors that appear on each page?

It is possible in Windows to create a copy of an existing printer, change the preference settings for this printer to include an option you want, and then save this printer with a unique name. This gives you a virtual copy of the original printer, and you can direct print output from PDF2PRINT to this printer. For example, you could create a printer called “Office Central PDF2PRINT staple” with the setting turned on to always staple documents as they are printed. Then, you could name this printer in your PDF2PRINT command statement, and any documents printed using this PDF2PRINT statement would be stapled.

For more detail on how to create a duplicate Windows printer, see our Developer’s site.