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Neil asked 11 months ago

We are using your product for redaction – working great ๐Ÿ™‚
The business have recently requested if it possible to change the colour of the applied redactions as we often have to apply our own redactions on a pre-redacted document and need to differentiate between the 2 redaction sources.
Looking at the API this is possible when using the applyRedaction(Redaction) API for quads but not for the generic applyRedaction() method.
Is there a way of doing this via the Redaction parameter?
If not, does the underlying Adobe API provide such a facility and could it be exposed via the applyRedaction() method
Neil Morrison

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Corey Staff answered 10 months ago

Hello Neil,

This is done in basically the same way as applyRedactions() when using quads.

You’ll need to set the desired internal color when creating the redaction annotation. This color will then be used for the replacement background.

Hopefully this helps get you on the right track!

Datalogics Support

Neil replied 10 months ago

Sorry, I think I need to be more specific

We don’t actually generate the markup – users user Adobe to do so – we just use the applyRedactions() method to do the redactions on an externally marked up file.

The issue we sometimes get material from an external agency (e.g. tax department) which includes redacted content and is typically black. Our users then edit this source document and markup and extra details that also need redacting over and above what was originally redacted.

When we call applyRedactions() it does this for us but using black again so we can’t tell at the end which redactions came from what agency.

So, in essence we are looking to do something like applyRedactions(‘blue’) or some such thing (RGB etc)

Does make more sense?

I’m guessing this is possible as Adobe Acrobat can do this and your underlying code is already determining the quads when the simple method is called – we just want to pass a different colour