Search is not working same as adobe reader.

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manjinders asked 10 months ago

My client need to search text form pdf and get its location on pdf similar to the adobe reader. So I decided to find a library which works with adobe. I found this one. 

But there is problem in search. As I can find a text like “E F Glover” on reader but not able to get it on sample. with different logic. Surely I am doing mistake in may wordfinderconfig class. Can you please send a sample which works similar to adobe. So that I can show my client and buy this library. This is the link of the pdf. Client tried “E F Glover”, “E. F. Glover” and “Glover”. Every time reader gave us result but the sample in your library of pdf viewer only gave me for “Glover”. I need it on all. Please help me to chose this library. as other libraries work with “E. F. Glover” but not with “E F Glover”

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Corey Staff answered 10 months ago

Hello Manjinders,

Thanks for bringing this question to us! If you are using the DotNETViewer sample, then you will not be able to search across strings. I would recommend that you use the TextExtract sample that’s in the evaluation package to do what you are asking.

You can find more information about the steps required here in this blog:

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