Unable to verify trial version license key

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lingeshanne asked 1 year ago

I have configured project as per instructions in the sample programs file and placed licensed key file in the top-level directory. When I’m trying to run a sample program, it is showing as “Exception in thread “main” com.adobe.pdfjt.core.exceptions.PDFIOException: Unable to verify license
at com.adobe.pdfjt.core.license.LicenseManager.validateLicense(SourceFile:33)
at com.adobe.pdfjt.pdf.document.PDFDocument.<init>(SourceFile:381)
at com.adobe.pdfjt.pdf.document.PDFDocument.newInstance(SourceFile:196)
at com.datalogics.pdf.samples.creation.HelloWorld.helloWorld(HelloWorld.java:63)
at com.datalogics.pdf.samples.creation.HelloWorld.main(HelloWorld.java:50)
Caused by: com.adobe.pdfjt.core.exceptions.PDFJTLicenseException: License was not found in directory: /Users/lingeshanne/Downloads/Datalogics-PDF-Java-Toolkit/samples
at com.adobe.pdfjt.core.license.PDFJTLicenseValidator.b(SourceFile:80)
at com.adobe.pdfjt.core.license.LicenseManager.validateLicense(SourceFile:31)
… 4 more

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Corey Staff answered 1 year ago

Hello Lingeshanne,

Thanks for coming to us with this error. Can you please confirm that the license key was placed in /Users/lingeshanne/Downloads/Datalogics-PDF-Java-Toolkit/samples as suggested in the error message?

Datalogics Support