What can I do if I have trouble purchasing products with my PayPal account?

Community ForumCategory: General Store SupportWhat can I do if I have trouble purchasing products with my PayPal account?
Corey Staff asked 1 year ago

I’m not able to complete a purchase with my PayPal account. What can I do to resolve this problem?

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Corey Staff answered 1 year ago

If you are having trouble successfully making a purchase with Paypal, we recommend checking the following items:

  • Verify that Paypal has up-to-date information for your credit card or bank information.
  • Verify that Paypal has not put any blocks on your account.
  • Verify that your issuing bank has not declined your credit card.
  • Verify that your issuing bank has not flagged the transaction as fraudulent.

Once these steps have been followed, please try the transaction again. If issues still persist, please create a new forum post and our support team will look into it further.

Corey Staff answered 1 year ago

It is possible for browser plugins, especially AD-Blockers, to create conflicts with PayPal transaction processing. These kind of anti-spam plugins have the potential to block PayPal communication. If you have a plugin of this type installed and are experiencing trouble with purchasing, try deactivating it and then attempt the purchase again. The process should be successful when you see your payment is marked as complete.
A few example plugins to check if you are using:

· AdBlock Plus
· HTTPS Everywhere
· Disconnect
· NoScript
· ScriptSafe

Just because you have one of these plugins installed does not, however, mean that you are guaranteed to experience problems. All of these plugins can be configured successfully to work with PayPal. Usually the problem is a result of one or two particular configuration options within the plugin. But first you need to confirm the plugin is the problem. Most plugins allow you to disable them temporarily without having to un-install them completely or allow a site to be white listed.

Corey Staff answered 1 year ago

As with any problem, the key to finding the cause is often the ability to isolate the problem. One step in isolating the problem is to try using a different browser. Maybe a recent update to your browser or one on the plugins is causing a conflict and now your browser could be having issues connecting to your PayPal account.

Corey Staff answered 1 year ago

Try clearing your cookies and browser cache and then try to make the payment again. The following link provides help on how to do this:


(clearing browser history should not be required)