Schlafender Hase

Schlafender Hase® integrated the Adobe PDF Library into their Text Verification Tool®, enabling users to improve the quality and accuracy of their printed materials. 

Company Profile

Schlafender Hase is the global leader in computer driven proofreading. They provide an innovative and user-friendly text and graphic verification software called the Text Verification Tool (TVT). With 15 years of experience, the company has become a trusted partner for customers from various regulated industries including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer products, and food. TVT is an essential tool for anyone who needs compliant, error-free and consistent documents at any point in the document creation workflow.

The Text Verification Tool (TVT) is a robust software application that integrates the Adobe PDF Library. TVT streamlines the proofreading process and allows users to compare a final piece of ‘collateral’ (e.g., advertisements, packaging, marketing communications) against the ‘master’ document from which all the collateral was intended to originate, regardless of the file format or layout. Specifically, TVT reads the Unicode values in the collateral document and compares them against the Unicode values in the master document, highlighting inconsistencies and allowing the user to make comments directly in the tool. TVT helps users ensure that all collateral is consistent with industry regulations, branding and trademark guidelines. TVT employs sophisticated extraction and comparison algorithms, allowing comparison of text regardless of orientation, font, layering, etc. and helps customers increase efficiency and ensure quality.


The production steps from original document to layout and finally to print are usually easier done in theory than in practice. Each sequential step in the workflow can create new possible errors. It is essential to find a reliable way to extract text and content from PDF files without decreasing the validity of the content in the original document. In the case of Schlafender Hase, the consequences of this could be severe. For example, mistakes in the instructions of dispensing medical products could lead to incorrect dosages, serious health problems, or expose the product company to serious liability and risk.

Another issue in the use of PDF can be the display of the document. Schlafender Hase knows that the accuracy, quality, and reliability are vital in the use of their application, TVT. Initially, in the development of TVT, the prototype used a third-party PDF tool, as opposed to an industry standard in Adobe. They knew their use of PDF functionality needed to be at the highest level and their choice of a toolkit to provide that was critical. Also, in terms of display, it was important that all extracted text should be displayed the same way as the visible text on screen.


PDF is the industry standard, and because of the extensive requirements that regulatory agencies and legislative authorities demand, it was evident that the Adobe PDF Library was the best choice to fit their needs. The Adobe PDF Library adds robust PDF text extraction, manipulation and display capabilities to TVT. It enables TVT to extract the text of a PDF document and create annotations from these exports. It also allows TVT to display the document and highlight text as appropriate. TVT was built to meet the requirements of the global enterprise, supporting all languages and multiple font encodings. All of this functionality is brought together seamlessly in an intuitive interface that is as easy to use as it is powerful.

“Along with the toolkit solving all of our technical needs, Datalogics’s high level of support sets them apart in terms of customer confidence and sustainability. Schlafender Hase has known the people from Datalogics for many years now, and one thing that is very comforting is that most of the contacts we made when we started using the PDF Library are still our go to contacts today. This has helped build a strong working relationship and is valuable when we want to discuss mid/long term product lifecycle or have support questions. Reliable support is something that Schlafender Hase takes very seriously as providing excellent customer service is a key component to our business as well.” – Elmar Braun, Lead Developer, Schlafender Hase



Schlafender Hase has found that the use of Adobe PDF Library has brought assurance, confidence, and accuracy for their customers that they did not have previously. “It is intuitive, easy to use, and provides tremendous time and cost savings,” states Frank Hessler, Managing Director, Schlafender Hase. “We have worked with Datalogics and the Adobe PDF Library for nearly thirteen years and continue to find great success with it everyday, while our customers find that they have great flexibility to use the PDF support of their choice.”

In terms of support and product maintenance, the Schlafender Hase relationship with Datalogics has been dependably smooth, steady, and consistent. “One of the aspects of our business that gives us great pride is the dedication and reliability of our support teams over the progression of long-term client relationships,” states Joseph Pellam, Director of Developer Support, Datalogics. “In the thirteen years we have worked with Schlafender Hase, their confidence in our team’s abilities, along with our stability and commitment has created a model for a mutually beneficial provider/customer relationship.”