Security Policy

Datalogics PDF software is trusted by some of the largest organizations and government agencies in the world. This provides a general overview of our security policies and more detail can be provided if you contact us directly.


Access Control

Adheres to NIST 800-53 guidelines (MFA, Least privileged model, etc.)


Data Protection

Any customer data is restricted with our access control policies
Data transfers are encrypted
Data fidelity is protected with our retention policies


Security Awareness Training

Phishing campaigns that put users that fail into monitored training



NIST guideline compliant as much as possible
FIPS guideline compliant as much as possible


Monitoring and Review

Quarterly discussions on security posture
Yearly security vulnerability scans and pen testing
Yearly policy review and updates


FTP External Access

FIPS 140-2 Compliant/Enable


Additional Information:

Microsoft Gold partnership
Partnered with CDW