Software Engineering Manager

Datalogics, Inc. is a PDF, EdTech and eBook technology company, dedicated to providing the highest quality software. Based in Chicago, IL, we support hundreds of customers worldwide who are using our technology in diverse applications. With over 50 years of industry experience, we provide unmatched support, enabling customers to bring their products to market faster. We're a collection of personalities both big and small, wide and tall, and we're looking a for a software engineering manager to join us.

As software engineering manager you will be responsible for delivering quality software on schedule while adroitly handling the unexpected. This role is a blend of project planner, obstacle remover, mentor and cheerleader. You are someone who prides yourself on being a growth enabler who helps everyone around you do better. Datalogics will ask you to do great things and we'll give you a wide degree of latitude in finding ways to succeed.

Specific qualifications include:

  • Proven past experience in leading a team through successful software projects- exceptional communication abilities - spoken, written and otherwise - across a variety of audiences
  • Knowledge and experience through the whole cycle of software creation - from conception through execution, and into deployment and maintenance
  • Strong ability to create project plans and schedules, to manage to these schedules and to deliver bad news - and solutions - when needed
  • Strength to stand up to and tame unexpected problems as they arise- demonstrated history of curiosity and continued professional growth
  • Ability and desire to work well with others
  • Demeanor and personal compatibility with the software development organization at Datalogics

And additional consideration will be awarded for:

  • Prior professional software development experience
  • Deep experience - and willingness to mentor others - in Ruby, Python, Java, and/or C++
  • Knowledge of specific topics in version control, development methodologies and theories of management
  • Electronic document industry knowledge and experience
  • Relevant undergraduate or advanced degrees

Because duties consist of:

  • Working with project and product managers and your team to develop project plans, specifications, estimates and schedules
  • Monitoring team project progress vs. schedules, and proposing revisions to project plans and staffing as necessary
  • Assigning tasks, balancing ongoing projects and immediate needs for product fixes and problem resolution
  • Providing opportunities and encouragement for employee growth and team productivity growth
  • Participation in the creation and maintenance of software development processes and standards
  • Monitoring the work of direct reports and providing ongoing feedback
  • Working with other people and organizations to determine project requirements and resolve issues

You will be responsible for ensuring the quality of completed projects and undertakings. You will be expected to have some technical involvement and to make occasional individual contributions, but this role is not a programming role. Those who have never written a computer program and those who wish to write software primarily will not find this role satisfying. Datalogics may not be for you if you are accustomed to a large corporate environment and the structure that entails, nor are we the best place for someone seeking the chaos of a start-up atmosphere. However, if you come willing to get your hands dirty with a variety of tasks and eager to work with a wide selection of different people in different roles, you will be happy and do well here.

This position is based at our offices in downtown Chicago, and is not a remote or telecommuting position. Occasional travel and interaction with clients is required. Compensation will be based on experience and capabilities and includes a competitive package of benefits. Local candidates will be given preference. Datalogics is an equal opportunity employer.

Founded in 1967, Datalogics has been a leader in document typesetting and publishing software solutions for 50 years. As an Adobe® Portfolio Company, we are a leading source for Adobe PDF technologies and solutions. We are proud to serve the industry through our participation on the board of the PDF Association as well as being a W3C member company.

Come thrive with an experienced small company whose business is creating software. Please email your resume in text or PDF format to Principals only.

Job Type: Full-time