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Archiving refers to a process that saves documents to maintain visual appearance for long-term preservation. Explore what Datalogics, an Adobe Portfolio Partner, can do to optimize your document archiving.

Why Is Document Archiving Important?

While the default PDF specification meets the needs of most businesses, many organizations have strict requirements when it comes to document preservation. Industries with heavy regulations need to find a reliable and trustworthy method of archiving files. An engineering firm may need to keep technical blueprints, a legal office needs to maintain legal bills and court records, or a finance firm is required to keep strict records.

There are many different versions of PDF/A out there to meet different specifications. Datalogics can help you adhere to your industry regulations with our document archiving technologies.

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Why Use Datalogics For Your Document Archiving?

Datalogics is an Adobe Portfolio Partner with expertise in document archiving. We help developers integrate document archiving functionality into document workflows, ensuring documents archive properly and render as they were when originally created. Our team of digital document specialists and professionals are at your fingertips. View the list below to get an idea of how we can help you with document archiving.

Make Critical Archives Compliant

You have a backlog of historic PDFs that need to be archived so your finance firm can meet industry compliance. It’s imperative that your PDF/A files actually meet the specification to avoid costly fines and legal action, so you need a solution you can trust. Preserve your documents as PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2, or PDF/A-3. See chart below for more details.

Convert Non-PDF Files to PDF/A

Preservation of files can be a little tricky if your team likes to work with office files. Word docs, excel files, and powerpoint presentations don’t meet industry regulations for archiving by default. Automated conversion to PDF/A ensures all of your documentation meets preservation requirements. Use our document conversion solutions to convert existing docs to PDF/A.

ZUGFeRD Requirements Are Expanding

ZUGFeRD is an invoice standard based on PDF/A-3 plus XML data set forth by the German Government. There’s a big push for governments to use this standard in the future, with interest expected to expand to other markets, including the USA. Our solutions allow you to add ZUGFeRD compliance to your document preservation workflow.

Powered by the Adobe PDF Library

Datalogics is an Adobe Portfolio Partner; and our archiving solutions are built from Adobe PDF technology. That means we offer trusted, tried & true products that will deliver PDF/A documents that meet the highest standard in the document processing industry. Create archived documents with the knowledge that under the hood, we’re using the same proven technology as Adobe, who created the PDF standard.

How Can Archiving Help In Your Industry?


Doctors and hospitals are required to keep documents for 5-10 years on average. Some documents, such as doctor's notes, statements, lab reports, X-Rays, and more must be retained longer. Sometimes up to 30 years or more. Legal certainty requirements means that proof, such as digital signatures, must be accessible and on record.

Meeting these strict requirements can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Our PDF/A solutions are ideal for critical document management within the healthcare sector.


Government offices handle a ton of documentation, and most of this documentation needs to be accessible for years. Research reports, statistical publications, budget sheets, and more. Ensuring these documents survive the test of time is extremely important for a functional government to work.

Governments and public institutions worldwide use PDF/A as their only accepted format for final-version files. Datalogics archiving solutions help government offices meet document preservation specifications.


Financial institutions are required to retain their records for long periods of time. Failure to comply with preservation regulations can result in financial penalties and legal action. It's important for the financial sector to use PDF/A to keep their records safe and secure for the long term.

Ensure your financial documents meet PDF/A specifications by utilizing Datalogics archiving solutions. Avoid headaches and rest easy knowing your documents are correctly archived.

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Check Out These Use Cases

Legal Firm Needs Reliable & Custom PDF/A Solution

A legal firm needed a reliable way to manage the preservation of case files and other legal documents. They needed a solution they could trust to convert documents to PDF/A with the peace of mind that conversion was done correctly.

They decided to use Adobe PDF Library SDK, a library built with the same core tech that Adobe used to build Acrobat. Using Adobe PDF Library, they were able to create their own document process to meet their specific needs.

Global Bank Finds Solution for their Archiving Needs

An international bank needed a proper solution to convert non-compliant PDF documents to PDF/A-1b. They had challenges finding the right tool; it needed to reliably convert, be scalable to meet varying workloads, and pay-as-you-go.

The bank decided to use our Datalogics PDF Utility API for their document archiving needs. The API is hosted on AWS marketplace and built with scalability in mind, perfect for the banks archiving needs

Which Datalogics Products Are Right for You?

Datalogics offers a suite of products to help you solve your forms management problems. If you just need something that your IT department or internal dev team can manage, then we have what you need. On the flip side, if you’re creating your own projects/products and need robust toolkits & SDKs; we have what you’re looking for.

PDF Optimizer

For IT & Internal Devs

PDF Optimizer is an easy to use, low-code Command Line Application designed for optimizing documents.

  • Low code option with no coding experience required
  • Compress/optimize your documents and archive simultaneously

For IT & Internal Devs

Low-code Command Line Application for converting documents to PDF.

  • Turn office & image files into PDF/A compliant files
  • Low code means low coding experience needed

For Cloud Users

Production ready RESTful API that lives on AWS (Amazon Web Services)

  • Convert documents to PDF/A
  • Self-hosted EC2 means you have full ownership of files hosted on your server
  • Affordable pay-as-you-go pricing is scalable to meet your specific needs

For OEMs

An SDK designed for Java developers; PDF Java Toolkit includes comprehensive support for PDF archiving.

  • Create PDF/A compliant documents
  • Build your own Java applications
  • Can do a lot more than archiving; PDF Java Toolkit is a fully fledged library

For OEMs

APDFL is built with the same core technology Adobe used to build Acrobat. Linux and Mac ARM support available.

  • Designed for C++, .NET(C#), .NET Core and Java interfaces.
  • Create or convert to PDF/A
  • Robust SDK with tons of other functionality

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