Forms Management

Forms management is the process for managing, distributing, completing, and processing forms. Explore what Datalogics, an Adobe Portfolio Partner, can do to optimize your forms management.

Why Is Forms Processing Important?

Almost every industry relies on forms data in some capacity; you may need to process thousands of intake forms at a hospital, disseminate registration forms as a college admissions officer, or make sure everyone at the DMV is able to reliably open your forms documents. 

We understand that working with PDF forms can be challenging. Creating them, editing them, opening them in multiple programs, converting them to different formats – there are obstacles that get in the way of all of these if you don’t have the right technology. Datalogics will help you to create & optimize your PDF forms workflow.

What Are Some Common Forms Management Problems?

  • Trouble opening, editing, accessing, or printing PDF form documents
  • Struggling to import and export information from your PDF form
  • PDF viewer software causing PDF form incompatibility issues & loss of features
  • Inefficient paper-forms processing slowing down important workflows

Why Use Datalogics To Optimize Your Forms Processing?

Datalogics is an Adobe Portfolio Partner with expertise in forms management. We help developers deliver digital document solutions by integrating PDF forms functionality into large scale enterprise workflows, or into your application/product development. Our team of digital document specialists and professionals are at your fingertips. View the list below to get an idea of how we can help optimize your forms management.

Forms Flattening

You may have run into this common issue with Dynamic XFAs or AcroForms: the form fields are dynamic in nature but you need to make them static or uneditable. Our Adobe powered technology can help you flatten your XFA or AcroForm documents into a single layer, ensuring your forms can be opened by most conventional PDF software. 

A flattened document is also desirable if your workflow involves printing. Document content would exist in one “layer”, which helps to avoid potential print mishaps.

Collect Data from Paper Forms

You’ve handed out the paper admissions forms to the prospective students, but how are you going to get all this data back into the system? You’re certainly not going to stay late all week manually entering data. Streamline paper form data collection with our Adobe powered tools. Utilize 2D barcodes to efficiently move forms data into relevant databases or other workflows.

AcroForm & XFA Compatibility

Do you have employees or customers that are having trouble opening important PDF documents? Or are they just having trouble editing or printing them? It’s likely that the troublesome PDFs contain XFA forms, which is not compatible with some software. Our Adobe powered technology can help you convert XFA to AcroForm (or vice-versa if needed) to help manage any software compatibility issues.

Bulk Data Handling & Export

Receiving 1000s of credit applications feels great! But how do you get all of this data out of these forms and processed in a timely manner? There’s a lot of potential customers waiting to hear back! 

Proper data handling requires proper tools; Datalogics tools can easily export forms data in bulk for database storage or to be further processed within a document workflow. Need to do the reverse? Our tools, powered by Adobe technology, can also empower you to import forms data into blank documents.

How Can Forms Processing Help In Your Industry?


Thousands of patients equals thousands of intake forms that need to be collected and organized. It takes time, money, and valuable resources to manually collect and enter all of this patient data into medical records. Digitizing your intake forms using PDFs is the first step in streamlining this critical data.

With our forms technology, the process can be handled with a lot more ease - from creating the PDF forms to automatically collecting and streamlining data - the workflow for healthcare workers can become much easier.


Working in or with the government demands a paper trail, and any public facing offices will be dealing with paper forms. Documents can get lost in the shuffle and sometimes that can backfire drastically. Nobody wants to explain to their boss why the data from 1000s of applications went missing.

Using barcoded forms would help to optimize your forms workflow; maybe there’s even more you could do to streamline your process? Our tools are built with Adobe technology, and are designed to help you create robust forms workflows.


Being an administrator or instructor in the education field, especially in Higher Ed, means processing a lot of information from students. If you need to register hundreds of students at once, it takes a lot of staff and resources to do it accurately and efficiently.

If you don’t have the means to handle all of this data in a streamlined way, errors will occur and create bigger problems down the road. Our technology can take the headache out of manual data entry in the education space.

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Check Out These Use Cases

University Registers Hundreds of Students using Barcoded Forms

A University needed to use PDF forms with QR Codes for thesis registration in their Business Information Systems department. The thesis registration form is filled by about 200 students per year and had numerous input fields within the form. They needed a reliable tool to implement dynamic barcode generation to handle all the incoming data. 

They used our form enablement tool (Adobe Experience Reader Extensions) to activate the forms capabilities within their specific PDF documents and implemented automated barcode generation which helped streamline their processing of incoming student applications.

Legal Firm Creates Custom Forms Processing Workflow

A legal consulting firm needed a way to make completed forms easily accessible on all PDF viewers. They also needed to bulk export client form data into their central database. They used our forms solutions to create their own custom workflow that exports form data from completed documents, before flattening them.

Which Datalogics Products Are Right for You?

Datalogics offers a suite of products to help you solve your forms management problems. If you just need something that your IT department or internal dev team can manage, then we have what you need. On the flip side, if you’re creating your own projects/products and need robust toolkits & SDKs; we have what you’re looking for.

For OEMs

PDF Java Toolkit

An SDK designed for Java developers; PDF Java Toolkit includes comprehensive support for PDF forms. Build robust applications with PDF Java Toolkit.

  • Import and export AcroForm & XFA data
  • Efficiently flatten XFA and AcroForm documents
  • Create PAdES-compliant digital signatures

Adobe PDF Library SDK w/ Forms Extension

APDFL is built with the same core technology Adobe used to build Acrobat. When paired with Forms Extension, you’ll be able to build applications that work with AcroForm and XFA forms documents.

  • Convert XFA to AcroForms
  • Import & Export XFA or AcroForms data
  • Flatten XFA & AcroForm documents
  • Appearance stream generation for fields and annotations

For IT and Internal Devs

PDF Forms Flattener

PDF Forms Flattener is an easy to use, low-code Command Line Application designed for efficient PDF flattening. 

  • Flatten dynamic XFA and AcroForm documents
  • Import external form data to XFA & AcroForm docs before flattening
  • Build appearances for fields and annotations on document save
  • Easy to use command line interface

Adobe Experience Reader Extensions

Adobe Reader has barcode and form processing capabilities, but these features are not accessible to users. Adobe Experience User Extensions allow document creators to unlock these features.

  • Generate dynamic barcodes in free Adobe Reader software
  • Enables form data capture and data export
  • Available as a server; no IT infrastructure needed
  • Built from core tech used in Adobe LiveCycle & Adobe Experience Manager

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