The Download – November 2022

A tech newsletter from Datalogics. From the Blog Datalogics New Text Extraction Code Samples Extracting text has become an essential part of the PDF workflow for many organizations. The Datalogics team has created new extraction samples on GitHub for C++, .NET, and .NETCore to help you create precise workflows for your requirements. PDF Optimization Horror […]

Adobe PDF Library Release Offers Mac ARM Support with Update to .NET 6.0

Good news for PDF developers using Mac – the latest release of the Adobe PDF Library (v18.0.4PlusP1m) includes an update to .NET 6.0 and offers support for Mac ARM. Mac developers now have full control over the creation, manipulation and management of PDFs using this SDK. The update of Adobe PDF Library (APDFL) to .NET […]

PDF Archiving Over Time: A Brief History

pdf archiving

PDF archiving is obviously near and dear to us here at Datalogics because of our deep commitment to PDF technologies. I thought it would be interesting to take us on the road to PDF from an archiving perspective. Before computers, the only option for archiving documents was physical media. Paper and microfilm are prime examples […]

Adobe PDF Library: Rendering and Transparency

Today we have a quick discussion on rendering PDF pages with the Adobe PDF Library C/C++ interface and working with transparency. Read on if you’re familiar with the Adobe PDF Library and are interested in how to draw pages over existing graphics or want to maintain alpha channel information when rendering PDF pages. The Adobe […]

PDF Rendering and Coordinate Systems

pdf rendering

With the Adobe PDF Library, we get a number of questions from people who are rendering PDF pages to raster devices or to raster image files. One of the trickier concepts to grasp is the translation of coordinate systems; from the system used in PDF files to that used for rasterization. In this article, we’ll […]

Cracking the Code: How to Split PDFs in APDFL

split pdf

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to discuss three different Adobe PDF Library workflow applications that needed to split PDF documents. Of course, each application had it’s own criteria as to how they wanted to split the PDF, which required a bit of additional code in addition to the simple split methods. I’ve packaged up all […]

Redaction: Content Removal Throughout History

What is Redaction? Redaction is the removal of certain content from a document in order to distribute a copy with sensitive or classified information eliminated. Typically, redacting documents has been related to government agencies and services. Most people are familiar with the concept. In the past, redaction involved simply taking a black pen to the […]