How PDF Forms with Barcodes Improve Efficiency in Education Fields

I think it’s safe to say that we have all filled out a form online, from filing our taxes to filling out a survey. Digital forms make collecting and storing data easier than paper forms. In today’s world, it is more convenient and easier to create a digital form, especially if you have large groups […]

Powerful PDF Searching with DocTextFinder in APDFL

When it comes to programmatically searching a PDF, developers can now enjoy a boost when using our latest release of the Adobe PDF Library SDK (APDFL). Users may now employ regular expressions to search an entire document with the help of DocTextFinder, a new addition to the APDFL SDK on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. […]

Are Your PDFs Print-Ready?

print pdfs

How to Save Time and Money with Print-Optimized Workflows If you work in the print industry, or your job requires printing PDF documents for commercial reasons, you know that going to press with files that aren’t prepared for printing can cause issues with your documents, such as missing fonts and color distortion. That’s why it’s […]

How to Convert XFA to PDF

You may have noticed some errors when trying to use an XFA document in your PDF software. This is pretty common, and it can cause trouble for your document workflow, but there is an easy solution: convert your XFA form to PDF. There are a few different ways to achieve this, depending on your requirements. […]

Unlock the Power of PDF Workflow Automation

We are excited to announce a new version release for both our PDF Checker and our PDF Optimizer command line interface. Each of these releases focuses on streamlining access to valuable information about your PDFs and providing more power to automate robust document workflows. Let’s take a deeper dive into what this means for you. […]

How PDF Forms can Simplify Remote Work

Like it or not, working remotely is here to stay. Even before the global COVID-19 pandemic reared its ugly head, remote work was already gaining popularity among many industries. Now, it’s pretty standard procedure, as many of us are able/allowed to work remotely. The good news is, the necessary shift to remote work during COVID […]

PDF Redaction Fails and how to Avoid them

You’ve probably heard about it – in the news, at work, from your lawyer… Redaction is the process of removing sensitive or classified information from a document prior to its publication to protect yourself or your company from letting this information get into the wrong hands. Examples of sensitive information include: Social Security numbers Names […]

4 Things to Look for in a PDF Forms Management SDK

Do you ever find yourself struggling with any of these common PDF forms challenges? Trouble opening, editing, accessing, or printing PDF form documents. Struggling to import and export information from your PDF form. PDF viewer software causing PDF form incompatibility issues & loss of features. Inefficient paper-forms processing slowing down important workflows. PDF forms are […]