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High provides maximum compression with significant impact to visual fidelity. Medium provides substantial files size compression with minimal impact to visual fidelity. Low provides moderate compression while preserving visual fidelity.

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  1. Select the PDF file you’d like to compress (only PDFs 10MB or under will work with this service, please do not choose another file type)
  2. Choose your preferred compression level
    • Medium – High compression with standard image fidelity
    • High – Maximum compression with lower image fidelity
  3. Click the “Submit” button
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Customize compression to meet your needs!

Check out our compression solutions:

Cloud-Based Service

Compress PDFs in web applications and services using our cloud-based PDF REST APIs

Command-line application

Compress PDFs in document management workflows using our low-code command-line application


Compress PDFs in your own software solutions using our best selling PDF SDK

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Why customers love our PDF compression solutions:

Struggling with files that are too large to email? Our tools allow you to easily compress PDFs to reduce the size for easy sending and sharing over email.

Need to upload or download PDF files faster? You can compress your PDFs to a much smaller size to increase their upload/download speed.

Smaller file sizes are easier to archive for long-term storage. Compress your PDFs for long-term storage quickly and easily with our technology. 

Trouble printing files because they are too big? No worries, just use our compression service to reduce your PDF file size for easy printing. 

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