PDF Java Toolkit

  • Build Custom Applications with Java
  • AcroForm, Dynamic & Static XFA Forms Support
  • PAdES-Compliant Digital Signatures
  • Redaction & Sanitization Functionality

PDF Java Toolkit Features

Redact & Sanitize PDFs

Use PDF Java Toolkit to redact and sanitize your sensitive data before you publish online. PDF Java Toolkit includes an Overlay Text property, which meets Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requirements. FOIA requires redacted information to be replaced by defined redaction codes to state the type of content that was redacted.

PDF Forms Processing

PDF Java Toolkit includes comprehensive support for all PDF form types. Simplify the import and export of data to AcroForms, Dynamic XFA, and Static XFA forms. Use high-level Java classes to efficiently flatten AcroForms and more.

Verify Documents with Digital Signatures

Digital Signatures are widely accepted as a legally binding form of contract. They use digital certificates to capture signer information, which can be used to revoke the signature. The PDF Java Toolkit supports signatures that are compliant with the PAdES specification. Use our toolkit to programmatically sign or certify PDF documents in bulk.

Improve Document Collaboration

The PDF format facilitates electronic document collaboration, improved content sharing, and overall productivity. PDF Java Toolkit helps teams work together on PDFs by using annotations to add comments or suggest changes.

PDFs from multiple sources can be merged seamlessly into a single final document. Group PDFs into a collection for centralized information management and review. Use semantic text search to speed up document research and analysis. PDF Java Toolkit is built with document collaboration in mind.

PDF Java Toolkit Functionality

PDF Forms Support

Work with AcroForms and Static/Dynamic XFA forms

Digital Signatures

Create PAdES-compliant digital signatures

PDF Creation

Add text, insert images, merge PDFs, and more

Data Extraction

Text, image, and data extraction

PDF/A Conversion & Validation

Create PDF/A compliant documents

PDF Annotations

Use annotations within PDFs for increased collaboration

PDF Java Toolkit Benefits

The PDF Java toolkit offers many benefits to make working with your PDF documents easy and efficient. Whether you’re a developer looking to implement our technology into your own applications, or you just need help managing PDFs, there are many advantages of using this powerful SDK.

Full developer support available for all licensees

Maintenance updates released on a regular basis

Restrict PDF editing & printing; password protect PDFs

Organize multiple files into organized PDF Portfolios

Embed the functionality of Adobe® PDFs into your custom applications

Automate your business workflows

Additional Information

Developer Resources


Knowledge Base

Code Samples

Reader Extensions and Forms Processing

Adobe Experience Reader Extensions can help extend your document and form-based processes with streamlined data capture workflows that reduce errors, processing time, and cost for increased security, accuracy, and compliance.

Enable core functions for your end users and customers to:

  • Easily collect and process forms data
  • Unlock forms and additional document features in Adobe Reader
  • Implement barcode creation and data capture workflows

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